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My personal journey has exposed me to a wide range of experiences and creative inspiration. Throughout a diverse range of career opportunities – including tree planting in Northern Ontario, acting in television, and working in new media, photography has been my constant companion. I think it was the fascinating combination of science and art that attracted me to this medium. There are so many layers; understanding the mechanics of how a camera records light, how light plays and dances across our senses and how to capture the essence of the subject in front of me. From logical and rational to creative and emotional in one press of a button.

I am often drawn into the finite details of my subjects, using a macro lens to capture the things that most people gloss over. Graphical elements also play a big role – not only the shape of the subject but the contrasts of light and dark. Travel photography, my first love, still plays a big part in my collections and I hope to do more traveling in the years to come. Finally, I see flowers as nature’s way of smiling back at us. I will never tire of shooting the beauty of nature.

Variety and the spice of life are what keep me inspired, I never want to settle for living inside the box. I am also passionate about protecting the environment that sustains us. I hope to encourage people to recognize how important it is to protect our environment through my actions and my images.

Artists that have inspired me: Edward and Brett Weston, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Horst P., George Hoyningen-Huene, Dan Winters, Rodney Smith, Georgia O’Keefe, Van Gogh, and the list could go on. An eclectic mix for sure.

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